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Antrum was started in 2002 by Professor Yiannis Vardaxoglou to address specific needs in the wireless communications industry.

We are at the forefront for pioneering new developments in microwave devices: Specifically microwave components, microwave products and RF technology.


Antrum has developed a range of small footprint antennas which are flexible and could be hidden or blend naturally into their surroundings, 'environmental antennas'. These antennas are aimed at TV/DTV, DVDT reception and cellular base station applications as well as for all VHF/UHF, GSM, UMTS, 4G, 5G and Ka, Ku satellite bands. 


We believe environmental antennas are very important in the modern world for the internet of things (IoT) applications and due to a growing need for low visibility antennas for use in office and commercial environments. Because the requirements of these antennas often have to be tailored to the specific environment in which they will operate, Antrum is experienced in their design to address bespoke applications.

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