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ANTRUM introduces           >> SPΩwave <<
A new split waveguide cavity resonator at 12 GHz

SPΩwave operates with two specialized resonant irises where the sample is snugly placed in the opening of the split cavity. The opening is adjustable and the thickness of the sample is accurately measured with a digital vernier which is an integral part of the cavity. The cavity needs to be connected to a vector or scalar analyzer and no prior calibration is needed. A bespoke algorithm is then run with inputs, the resonant frequency and quality factor of the air- and sample-filled cavity. The algorithm runs in seconds and estimates the dielectric constant and the loss tangent of the sample. It has an optional learning facility where as more samples measured it logs their parameters for building a customer database.

The sample area is 4 cm x 4 cm minimum and up to 4 mm thickness. 


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sliding platform

Quick, versatile and requires no sample preparation

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